Living lovely.

Hey, bebesitos!

Long time no see. But, I’m writing a lot more these days (just for myself) which makes me think I’ll probably be writing a lot more for you, too.

I’ve been actually journaling a lot. My regular journal just transformed to a prayer journal and a goals journal and a scribble journal.. All in one. Something I do in every single one though, no matter what its purpose is – is highlights of my day. I’ve been doing that for a few years now, and it’s been so rewarding. In that moment, and especially to look back on. It’s nothing complicated, there are no instuctions, I literally write down 3 things that I found joy in that day, a few things that made me smile or am just grateful in that moment. And it can be really small, “insignificant” things, or something big – like a work achievment or Roko coming back home (only a few more days, hint hint).

Like today, I wrote down – great time with my friends ( I had a puppy date with Davor and chatted with Tash for hours, laughing so much). Then, for some reason, people really responded to my stories today. But the highlight was that two girls wrote they liked I posted videos with my huge ass pimple because it made them feel more comfortable exposing theirs as well. And few wrote that “I’m insane” in reply to my dance videos and that it made them laugh or happy. Now, that may be random and not that big of a deal to someone, but the fact that someone would laugh, be more comfortable with their skin or their goofy self online (or anywhere) because of some 15 seconds video I posted – is actually an acomplisment and a thing to cherish to me.

And finally, the sky today. And that’s what inspired me to write this post and share a few images with you. Because, I think that the sky, or that small beauty of life is always in my top 3. There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not SEE it, and really feel grateful to see the little things. To live lovely.

Let’s be honest, I’m your typical hype girl. Some see it as a very bad, annoying thing, and some see it as a great one. But the fact is, I go from a 0 to a 100 real quick. New song that moves me? There I am, in tears and bursting with joy, repeating it a million times in the same day, showing the 2 seconds that are THE BEST to everyone that’ll listen (or just force them to). Discover a good show – watches 86952 seasons in 2 days. Paints a paiting that moves her – cries and kisses the canvas. No joke.

I’ve heard “You’re acting like a 12 year old” so many times. Because I barely moved on from my childhood reactions. If I like something I LIKE it, if I have a crush on a celebrity, you best believe I’m writing his last name after my name in my journal. Ok, I went too far. I have moved on from at least that. 2 years ago. 😛

But the good thing about being a hype girl is that you really don’t need that much. And there’s 3 highlights to even the worst of days.

Even on the worst ones, I feel complete and overwhelming joy about the smell of my first coffee in the morning. The fact I get to sit next to a huge window while I sip on it.

If there’s raindrops on my windows, I’m mesmerized by them. I stare in awe at every sunset I see, even if it’s the 7th one that week. I adore every breakfast I’m having, and look forward to every next one. I snap almost every sunray that peeks in to my room even though it’s the same as yesterdays.

Every night I take my dogs out and stare at the sky, and sometimes there’s a pink fog all over it, sometimes it’s filled with what seems like a million stars, sometimes the moon lights up the entire garden like it’s late afternoon, not 10 pm.. And I bask in it all.

But, this post is not about me being dramatic. Although I’m talking about it as I’m seeing it and experiencing it.

It’s about the moments that we take for granted sometimes, and they hold the whole beauty of life. A sense of belonging.

Think about it, no matter how hard your day is, even if you just broke up with who you thought was the love of your life.. You walk outside, sit on the beach or on a mountain, wherever you are. And you sit and watch the sky. It’s filled with stars and they shine so nicely and you and your problems seem so small compared to this big sky wrapped around you. And the beauty of it takes your breath away. Every single time, no matter how sad you might be.

And it just fascinates me, how we’re always able to dive into that moment, that smell of coffee, that starry sky, that pink pastel sunset.. And for a minute, we’re comforted and embraced and not just who we are or what our problems are. We are part of something bigger.

I wonder if you can understand what I’m saying, or do I sound like an insane hippie flower child high on weed right now. I swear I’m not. On weed. Ha.

But.. To me, at least, not a lot of things can compare to staring at the sky, or getting into the sea. You know that feeling, when you’re one with the water and you’re just soaking up the sun, and almost don’t even hear anything but the waves murmuring around you and you watch your hands wave in the water and it’s all filled with sparkles and sunrays? Yeah. That’s my highlight, of life.

And I think my wish and intent, with my online content and just life in general, is to lead by example and make people more aware of those sparkly moments. Even if it means being the hype girl, and no one really likes a hype person that much, let’s be real.

But, Roko told me once that he notices the colors of the sky more since he met me. How amazing is that? I think it was my favorite compliment I’ve ever heard.

So.. Yes, I accept this post is a bit all over the place and sounds a bit like I have lost it.. 🙂

But, if you ever notice a ray of sunshine in your tea, the warm breeze on your shoulders on a summer day, the smell of a new winter day when you open your windows in the morning, or any color in the sky.. And if I had anything at all to do with it with my million posts of coffee, or a snippet from my vlog of people running in the rain.. I feel like a part of my purpose is complete, and I am so happy to have awaken any part of you and your joy, even if just for a second.


(And on that note, everytime you share that with me, it makes my heart so full.)

So, yes. I hope you enjoy some snaps from lately.. And I hope we continue to live lovely together.


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