I think we’re just gonna have to be secretly in love with eachother and leave it at that.

I’ve said this in my instagram post about these already, but getting to play a different character on any day that you want, is why I love fashion. And photography. And I’ve been wanting to do this shoot since I was 20, at least.

Margot is someone I am inspired by with her fashion choices, but also someone I can really relate to. Not her love life (thank God, although, I was always dreaming of marrying Bill Murray but that’s not the point!) – but her spirit and attitute in life. So getting into her shoes for a little while to shoot these photos was awesome.

I post my shoots on here, on my instagram, and in general – as a way to express myself and sort of brand who I am and what I’m doing. But even if you have no interest in blogging or photography or any of that, I’d suggest you pick a muse and do your best to channel your Morticia Addams or Marilyn Monroe.. Whoever it is. Take a few photos and play around, let your inner child fantasize and get silly as it once did. I remember shooting many, many different looks after school, with my crappiest old camera, and I don’t even remember most of them, and don’t have them eighter (phew!) but what I do remember is how much fun it was! Those are the little things we do to keep the soul free and happy. 🙂

And while you look through these, I’d love for you to listen to this playlist. And since it’s 45 minutes long, maybe even stick around a bit longer.

I know it’s saturday, but play it while you get ready to leave for the night. Or if you are staying in, get yourself a drink, light some candles, dance around your room to these tunes.. And I really hope you enjoy your own company. As Margot did. As I do. ❤

Photo 28-07-17 15 19 22

Photo 28-07-17 15 22 08 (1)

Royal Tenenbaums, The



Photo 28-07-17 15 23 08


Photo 28-07-17 15 27 44

Photo 28-07-17 15 22 13 (1)

Photos by : Martina Movric, styling by me


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