Caught myself in the painting glass during the sunset. It looked like it was a part of me, or I was a part of it. And that’s actually the truth.
Ever since I was a kid, this lady has been hanging on my parent’s living room wall. It’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to be an artist, probably why I always painted mostly women, too.
Whenever I would look at her, I would see a different story, there were so many possiblities behind it. So much emotion. Sometimes I thought she was tired, sometimes that she’s sad, heartbroken, maybe just relaxing.. I can’t remember what she represented to me at all times, but she was always a part of my everyday.
And I knew I wanted to create stories like that, I knew I wanted to make someone else daydream and imagine different lives.
Now, when someone buys my artwork, it makes me feel acomplished because I am a part of someone’s home. I’m a part of someone’s everyday.
Someone out there will look at something I made and they will see a world that’s only theirs.
How magical and special and touching is that?!

It’s more than love. Art is my purpose.


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