sunday, 7:30 am


It was so quiet this morning in my backyard when I took Toby out. Just the sound of birds waking up, warm breeze dancing with the trees and flowers, and windows and doors sleeping, hugged by sunshine and shadows.

It’s one of my favorite feelings. Being in that silence, so connected to nature and that part of the day, so connected to everything, and so special and only one in it all. Like the whole world and all the time in it is just mine.

I get lost in my thoughts, write down ideas, because I’m my most creative in the early mornings and late nights, when my mind is still half asleep and not really a part of this world, that we share. It’s in my own world, filled with magic and bliss.

I like to write lists, or thoughts, and it is then I’m creative with what I wanna capture, the videos I wanna film, the things I wanna write, the colors I want to paint and the love I want to give. A state of being a true artist; in what I create and in how I live and walk and breathe.

A state of no worries and questions and concerns about “real” life, a mind set that does not allow negativity, doubts and not taking minutes and hours and days as one should.

As simple as possible, as playful as possible. Like a song you sing, and a dance you dance, and that earlier mentioned breeze you feel on your face on an early, warm spring morning.

I encourage you to, at least on this beautiful Sunday, do so as well.

Get up now and make yourself some coffee. Even if you had one already. Find a window, a garden, a quiet part of the city and sit and enjoy your own company. Write a page or two in your journal, on a piece of paper or just in Notes on your phone. Write about your hopes and what you wish to do, and what makes you happy.

Hug a lot, more than you usually do. Find someone you love and hug them for minutes, and really get in there, consume that love. Even if it’s just your dog. Prepare yourself some nice meal, cut out fruit, add whipped cream if you like that. Have a glass of wine today, disconnect from social media and what everyone else is doing and bombarding you with.

Read a book. Read a book about love, or God, or spirituality, or how to be present, or how to build something by yourself. Watch 3 episodes in a row of a tv show that makes you laugh really hard.

It’s gotten warmer, take out your favorite dresses and hang them up on the outside of your closet or your window, let them breathe and let them make you excited about all the days you’re gonna be beautiful and adventurous together. Wear one of them today.

Wear your prettiest dress AS you read and as you sip on your delicious coffee.

Enjoy this day. And when it’s over, have a proper farewell party for it, too. Drink some tea, go to bed early, get excited about waking up a little earlier than usual, stealing these exact moments you had today, and living tomorrow, a boring old Monday – just like it’s Sunday all over again.

Maybe it can’t be exactly the same. But get clever and steal a few moments in between work obligations and tiring chores and the big, bad life, and make them your own.

But, for today, forget about Monday, and the world and the others.

This day is only yours, it is your blank canvas, all the colors are in your hands. Paint it how you want it, baby. ❤






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