It’s all for you.

As you probably know by now, a few days ago, I went on a little road trip to shoot with Stella. She lives in Rijeka, and I am in Pula, and since we didn’t find any opportunity to visit each other in the past months, we just randomly decided to sit on a bus and meet somewhere in the middle.
We packed huge bags full of clothing and shoes and minds full of ideas and met up in Labin early in the morning. After we had coffee, we spent all day walking around and finding locations for the ideas we wanted to shoot.  (OUR DAY’S VLOG HERE!)
We shot so many things, so when I was deciding on what to post first, I was just stuck. After editing 3 different posts, I decided to go with this one today because it just fits my gloomy gray mood the most at the time.
Before we even planned everything completely, I knew I wanted to shoot a lace bodysuit with fishnets, and find an abandoned spot to do so. When we saw this trailor, we walked through 5 minutes of mud and field just to get to it – and thankfully – it was perfect.
I absolutely love how they turned out, Stella did an insanely amazing job once again, and with the edits I did – it’s just the perfect story of a wild spirited woman, which I hope you enjoy by clicking play while you go through.
Get excited for more!
I know Stella is posting the first shoot on her blog soon, and it is the dreamiest ever. If I was in a photograph form, that’s what I would be. I feel like my whole soul, essence and life are captured in those. I can not wait for you to see!





















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