Interview with Plezir magazine.

A little while ago I was lucky to be interviewed by Plezir magazine. And I say lucky, because I love it SO very much, it is one of the coolest online mags out here.

Unfortunately, as it came out a day or two after Baby passed away, I didn’t really get a chance to fully enjoy it or to even share it with you all. I browsed through it a few days after, but it was all just so painful, as I talked about my perfect day being hanging out with my dogs, painting with Babes next to me, and seeing our photos in the article.

Never the less, I wanted to share it with you now, as I’m truly very proud of it, and I think it’s a great read, for anyone who is interested in.. Well, me. 🙂

But I talked a lot about art and my life as an artist, about my Streetstyle Pula project, my Shoebox scholarship, about my love for fashion, blog, youtube and vlogging and a lot more. Unfortunately, the article is in Croatian/Serbian so not everyone will be able to read, but I am posting some photos of it for you to at least see it.

For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy reading it here and I encourage you to flip through the entire magazine, as it’s full of inspiration, great recommendations, artists, photography, and along with my interview, you can read one they did with the amazing Rupi Kaur, so hopefully you don’t miss it.








  • 5 photos from previous blog posts are taken by my dearest Stella, but you can find them in all if you scroll down to my summer articles. And you can find Stella and her amazing photography here.



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