Project : Amity baby


Less than two months ago, I started working on a project that is now done and something I feel very proud of. My company is re-branding and revamping a lot of stores, and this one in particular was my baby..

From pitching the name for it, to thinking of what kind of furniture should go in, picking out the clothes that we wanna carry in it, designing the  look of the store to even  painting the whole place by hand, it was quite a lot of work. But, it’s all worth it in the end when you see everything finished and looking amazing, as Amity baby did.

I sketched the store that I envisioned in my head,  but at that point it seemed very far and it was hard to imagine it actually being a place I can walk in. And though we changed a few things, ended up going with different tables and little things like that, on the day of the opening – it was as if my sketches have come alive. When you’re an artist, of course they’re always alive, just looking at something you draw feels very real and like a step into your own fantasy world. But a project like this is more than a drawing and fantasy, it’s your little marker strokes getting up from your paper, walking off and turning into – a place. A place in real life.

A place that I think feels warm and welcoming and charming and inviting, and that makes me so very proud.

As most know, I’m very into interior design and painting murals. My room is my first and most important example of how I like to make a place my own, bring life and joy into it, make it a room full of positive energy and good vibes.. But doing this, it really made me so happy  I could do that same work for something bigger, and for more than myself, for many other people to enjoy. And I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity in life to do that as a part of my job again. Because it is what I already do and enjoy doing most with my time, so to get paid for it, and to be able to share it with more than just a few of my closest people – I think is big. And it’s definitely something I wanna continue to do, and do more of.

Right now, I’m at a place in life where I’m designing things, decorating spaces, being constantly challenged with my creativity, doing things with fashion, style and art, with everything that I’ve ever loved and wanted. And it’s only opening more and more doors and windows and opportunities, and making my creative juices flow even faster. I’m not dreading Mondays. And it really feels good to be one of those people, who look forward to going into their office and working.  🙂

I can’t wait to also show you the toy heaven we created after this store! I think the before/after shots are so amazing !

But for now, I leave you with photos of our Amity baby. And; a big thank you to my boss Maira for working hard on all of this with me, and supporting all the ideas, along with our boss Ivana, and of course, the entire Istra d.d. company for believing in this great project! Hopefully the first of many more to come. ❤


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