style diaries : October outfits


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that I’ve came up with a little blog project at the beginning of the month. I’ve decided to take a selfie in the morning (not including the weekends, cause I don’t get out of my pajamas then ), and collect all the outfits I wear during a month.

Now, these outfits are nothing revolutionary for the most part, my goal was not to think of a cool one every single day – but to just record what I wear for real. Since most of the bloggers/influencers are posting glam/unreal editorial clothes anyway, I knew it would be fun to follow actual outfits I come up with early in the morning. At least, that’s what I’d like to see, from the girls I follow as well.

What was fun for me, was to see how few stuff I wear. This could easily be a “capsule wardrobe outfits” post. If you don’t know about capsule wardrobe, it’s basically a minimalist approach to fashion – you take 33 (or any number) items of clothing, mostly basics – so they can be mixed and matched with the rest of the things – and you’re left with all you need and forced to shop your own closet. I’ve actually considered trying that out, but I got rid of bags and bagssss of clothes this year as it is, so for now, it was really enough for me to clear things out and not struggle so much when I have to pick what I’ll wear. And I continue to get rid of stuff every once in a while, helps me think of outfits way faster..

I also realized I am sort of having a palette this season – I mostly wear black, white, grey, beige, and then for colors it’s usually pink and red – which is such a new thing for me! I have refused to wear red for literally my entire life, and now that I’ve tried it, I actually like how it looks on me! So I’ve been buying more red stuff – from coral to burgundy reds. (I also have a little haul, coming up tomorrow so stay tuned! :))

And I’ve been using the same items in most outfits. My black shirts, my grey dress which I wear as a dress and a shirt, my beige long cardigan which I really can not separate from – I wore it almost daily, and I pretty much use it as a jacket. And, my converse high tops, which I’ve been wearing too much, but they just add that touch to the outfit, that makes it more me.

I took these in the shop (for the most part), but I usually work in the office. And even though it’s not super strict – I can’t wear everything there, of course, so whenever there was a day I would work from the shop, I would go for my destroyed Levi’s jeans. That gives me a perfect balance and the chance to miss some things. So if I work from the shop that day, I’m excited to be as casual as I can, and then I also love it when I’m sitting in the office, so I can without a struggle wear some high heels and such.

So, here it is, I hope you enjoy! For November, I doubt I’m gonna do the entire month, but I probably will be posting “work week outfits” on Saturday, on whatever week I have time to take photos each day. And I also plan to do more business-y “cool office wear” post, so I hope you’re excited for all of that!

Happy Sunday! ❤


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