The blues.


It’s raining today and I’ve been feeling all 50 shades of blue. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some rain and gloomy mood, but only when I can stay in bed, cuddle, drink tea and lay around all day.. When I have to work, for almost an entire day, meh.. Not so much. So excuse my grumpy mood. I’m gonna try to liven up.

I’m trying to catch every minute I can to get my energy and joy by getting under the covers with my Roko. (That’s what she said.) We’ve been watching The office lately, and to say we’re obsessed is a serious understatement. It is the best show, literally ever. I’ve been crying so much, and if you’ve seen The office you’re probably thinking what the..? But, I got so attached to the show and the characters that I start crying at every emotional scene, gesture and touching moment. That, and also of laughter, because it is hilarious! Have you seen it? If you never have, trust me on this! It is a must.

Also, while on the subject of recommendations, I’d like to give you some blog ones, too. 🙂 First of all, you must check out my Stella‘s blog! She’s done a whole new look and direction with it, and I’m so excited for all that she’ll be sharing with us! This is one of the last shoots I’ve done with her, and I can not wait to do more, I miss her creative energy so much. Also, girl, I’m running out of photos, here! 😛 ❤

And I’ve also been loving my girl Ali‘s blog! If you love beautiful, smart blondes (who doesn’t?), I’m sure you’ll love her and her positive vibe! She does a lot of great style posts on her site, so I always wanna shop after I leave… Maybe a warning about that. 🙂

And to end on an adorable note, here’s two instagrams I’ve been on A LOT recently. Ok, first of all, to make this clear – mommy/family accounts and blogs are my favorite thing in the world. Well, definitely one of my top 5 favorite things on the internet. 🙂

So, I genuinely think they take up about 65 percent of my following list. I can not get enough of them!

First, I wanna show you Dominique – on her instagram, she posts the most stunning photos in general, but what caught me the most about it, were her “photos of 3” that she does. She has 2 daughters, and usually she’ll take a pic of the 3 of them doing the same thing, or being dressed the same way.. And it makes me wanna pop out 8682 baby girls out of me. Okay, okay, totally overachieving here, but you get me.

And then I also loooove Jade and the darlings. She’s a mom of two, living in England, and oh my God, her feed! The color palette, the way she takes photos, her adorable babies, and gorgeous life filled with naps, flowers and bubble baths.. I’m living though every single thing she posts! 🙂

So there you go! I hope these lovely ladies brighten up this gloomy Wednesday morning for you! I wanna do a permanent, weekly thing, where I post all of my favorite things/people of the week, and introduce you to some new (or old) amazing finds of mine! Maybe I could do that each Wednesday from now on!

Stay inspired!

M ❤

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