Inspired by : insta ladies.

Hey, babes! Hope your Saturday was beautiful. And if it wasn’t, it surely will be by the time you finish reading this and discovering these amazing ladies.

I’ve decided to do a new series on the blog called Inspired by, and share with you – everyone and all that really impacts my life and makes it wonderful in a way. And first on my list are – women who inspire me.

Sadly, there’s a lot of competing and jealousy and negative vibes  if you’re a woman, especially a successful and/or a pretty one. It goes from when you’re a little girl all the way to high school, but unfortunately – keeps going even when you’re an adult, for some. But, I feel like things are slowly changing and more and more women are aware that together we are stronger and can create more beauty, influence and magic  – than by being divided and envious of each other.

The women I will introduce you to today (some I’m sure you already follow and know of) are my friends in real life, and my go-to insta accounts that I check on the daily. All of them are crazy talented and gorgeous, creative, hardworking, stylish, smart – and most importantly  – they stand for other women. They support and show love to other incredible ladies, and  that’s what makes them even greater to me.

It’s “just” photos, but I’m a huge photography lover and I know that they can create such an impact on people, leave you with a good feeling, feel like a remedy on a rough day. So, when these women post, it’s more than just a photo for me. It’s a window to their beautiful minds, hearts, their energies.. And because of that,

I’m being inspired, I’m being taught, I’m being comforted and embraced by them – every single day.


Surely one of my ultimate crushes is my Ana of petit_diable_noir.

Her photos are often darker, moody, nostalgic.. And they hit just the right spot for me. If you like coffee, tattoos, autumn, sunlight and incredibly stylish women – you must give this one a follow.


Another Ana, one of my long time crushes and favorite Croatian bloggers. Her style is very unique, and her eye for photography especially, I can always tell when it’s her post, even if I don’t see a name. On anabacinger she posts mostly style and fashion related things, and always gives me new  and fresh ideas.


Mila of pannoniandust is another one of my obsessions. Also usually posting dark, moody and nostalgic photos, she tells a story with each one. I discovered her this summer, and she’s been my must-see in the morning ever since.


And then we have Iva, who I’m sure all of you know so I’m not gonna be long with this one.. But the way she shares her soul, her self, her emotions, her thoughts – on something as “superficial” as instagram is amazing to me. I love every single one of the captions and as weird as it sounds  – since finding her online, though we’ve never actually met or became friends in real life – I’ve shared laughs and tears with her as I haven’t with many people in the world of social media. She touches you, and her beauty is doubled with that fact.


Another oldie favorite of mine is, of course – Matea of gypsygardens. She doesn’t post that often, which makes her pretty annoying (kidding, love u!) but when she does – it’s all magic. One of the best dressed ladies that I know, and has a great eye for all the beauty around us. And she also every once in a while runs to an island and then blesses us with those photos, so all in all, it’s a soothing dreamy paradise over at her instagram.


And who doesn’t love Sandra of amiepetite ? With her clothes and flowers and pretty mornings and shoes I want to steal, her feed is a vacation for the mind. If you need a dose of positivity and beauty, you know where to go. And she’s so sweet and loving, too!


Another superstar of ours, and I’m pretty sure – the most successful girl on Croatian social media right now is Petra of skitnica. Everyone’s in love with her, and I’m no different. I am obsessed with everything she posts, and she gives out such good vibes, wheter it’s an outfit or a notebook or a building shot.


One of my dearest friends, and no doubt, greatest support systems in my life – is Ivana of lospequenosplaceres. She is someone who is right behind me, cheering for me when it comes to blogging, art, life – in general. And for that, I might be a little biased when it comes to her, but I think she’s one of the most wonderful women you can find on Ig. She’s talented and full of wonder and bliss, and perfectionist that she is – only posts the best things on her feed. (Just like Matea, could be less annoying by posting more though. :))


Another amazing lady I have the honor to know in real life, too, is Martina of mmm_arty. She’s just starting to post a bit more, but her feed is so special to me. Filled with dreamy, pink, sun filled photos, she always leaves me so inspired to create and enjoy life. Love her whole theme, and it’s very tumblr too, so I know most people will find her just as amazing.


And lastly, but certainly not less important – my Stella, who I raved about so much already that I don’t think I should add anything more. But I will. 🙂

She’s wildly talented and full of style and inspiration, anyone who follows her will be left richer. My true insta – soulmate, who I could not be more proud to now call a real life friend too. I’m always so jelly of her amazing photography, but that’s good – because she pushes me to be better and work harder! And life is all about surrounding yourself with people like that.

I hope you found at least one new soul in here that will do the same for you. ❤



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