About good living.


Fun fact : I didn’t drink coffee until a few months ago. And I’m 30, so – for a pretty long time. I didn’t get why someone needs coffee to function. And, I still don’t, I don’t think I’m hooked on caffeine. But, I do get why people need to drink it, now. It’s not so much about the coffee, it’s what it represents.

It’s about the ritual, the me time, it’s a cup of liquid – but in reality, it’s a cup of tranquility, and self reflection, and most importantly  : self love.

It’s a little, tiny way of taking care of yourself, your own joy and cravings. And that, that is something I understand and stand behind fully.

But, this is not a love letter to coffee (though I could no problem write that, too :)). It’s about all the little things. It’s so incredibly important to do the little things, and set a mood and a vibe to feel good. For me, especially if I had a rough day, or night, or week  – whatever it is – I like to grab the first chance I get to fix it. And to set a new tone. And monday is the perfect day for that, regardless of how you’re feeling. I’ve noticed that I am affected by the things I do, even those small ones. And that they can change my whole spirit. If I’m sluggish and I wear old, ripped clothes, that’s pretty much how I’ll be feeling. So, I threw away all the rags. I have no more ripped t-shirts to wear to bed. I can choose between a silky night dress or a silky shirt dress and shorts. I removed all the rest, to not even give myself the chance to bum it. If I’m rushing and I eat a bland toast, that’s how I’ll be feeling.

So, I take time to make myself a pretty, delicious breakfast. I take the pretty cups and the nice dishes. I set it up all nicely on my silver tray and I enjoy it fully by the window, with some nice music. If I lay around and do nothing all day, I’ll probably feel like nothing. And so I get up and take a walk, take my camera with me, I clean my room, or rearrange the furniture, I paint, or see a good movie. I do those things because, over the years, I’ve learned that I need to. Even when I don’t feel like it. It all sounds like a cliche magazine article. But, for me at least, it works. It’s a tiny trick, but works wonders. Act how you wanna feel is the quote that I love and that comes to mind here. I wrote about that on my instagram before, when I took this insane vintage cup to have coffee at the beach.

“It also makes for a pretty instagram photo, but it’s not about that. All these things actually happen & yes, it takes a few extra moments to take a pretty shot, but – it’s about good living.
Just like in relationships, the effort and the attention you pay to the details makes all the difference and makes everything so much more enjoyable.
The little things, little moments. When you’re fully aware to enjoy them, love them, most of all – create them – they make life so much better.”

And so today, after a long, crappy night, instead of being miserable and cranky.. I was this this fancy lady in red, that had coffee on her window bench, and listened to jazz and read some Murakami. Monday made.

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset



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