As a child who grew up around a VERY talented older brother, I was fortunate enough to learn at a young age what it means to be inspired and pushed by another creative. He was always drawing stuff, making things out of wood, constantly finding ways to give a personal touch to his room & making it look cooler. So I did what any younger sister who idolizes her sibling would – I tried to imitate him and soon enough – while trying to be more like him, I found more of myself and my own style. My mum would always call me a gypsy (still does, actually) because I would rearrange my room every single month. I needed movement, new surroundings (in a way, at least) – because it would always give me a fresh energy that I need to create even more. And that is still the case, to this very day. Only, as I got older, I learned a few more “tricks” to get my creativity flowing again.. And one of the best ones, HAS to be – being around other creative spirits. Just like a new city, culture, amazing sunset or the most perfect album – another creative is something that’s an instant booster for your inspiration.

There’s nothing that’ll motivate me as fast and as strongly as seeing someone work hard, be successful and most of all – create work I personally love.

And people who will do that for us are everywhere. We live in a time when the whole world is in the palm of our hand, on our little screens, and pretty much everything is shared and available.

So many of my friendships made online were born from mutual admiration, one of my most important ones is Cam, who’s work I am obsessed with and who made this site that you’re currently on and who is such a support system for all the projects I create. Of course, not all of them are or have to be found online. The support I get from Sara, Aida and Ivana inspires me daily, and whatever I do, I have them in mind to make proud. Then I also have my Roko, who is my number one fan, and was actually the only artist in my life that I get to hang out with often. He makes music and whenever he shows me something new he wrote, it gives me that high and drive to create my own stuff and push a little bit harder. Well, he was the only artist – untill Stella came along.

Stella and I actually also met online, she started following me after seeing some of my artwork and was kind enough to send some beautiful messages my way, after which I checked her instagram & blog and fell completely in love with her vibe. It was clear right from the start we share so many of the same interest, aesthetic and ambitions in life. So, when she offered to shoot me and have coffee one afternoon, I instead offered her a stay at my place for 3 days, so we can really work together.

And man, did we work! We had our alarms set early in the morning, packed and carried bags full of stuff so we can work all day in hell (or at least the temperature was the same?) and no bruises, blisters, blood or heat could stop us from creating!  (And all of those TRIED. :)) We continued to do that for 3 full days. If there’s one way to describe our work flow and chemistry it’s – magic. I literally felt drunk from all the hype and joy about finding someone who’s ideas and vibes mesh so well with mine! Everything I’ve ever wanted to do – is in these photos that you will be seeing on my blog in the next few weeks. (Yep, we made that much content. :))

And I’m so happy we met and started collaborating and so excited about everything that we have yet to create together! The Universe has a funny way of working things out for us. Just as I was needing something to get me back my mojo and lift me up, came this wonderful spirit who reminded me about the importance and the blessing of a (creative) friendship.

As much as you can, surround yourself with the ones who are not afraid to follow their dreams and truly be artists of life. As cheesy as it sounds, try to open your heart and invite those dreamers energy in. Even if it’s your friend who collects old records, or writes, or someone still unknown to you across the globe who blogs or has a youtube, paints, sings – no matter what it is, or how small it seems, you never know what someones passion can trigger in you and how great of an impact it can have. I feel truly blessed I now have yet another talented human being in my life to help me shine. And so I can do the same with my art and work. ❤

Now enough of the moosh and let’s get excited, because there is so much coming your way in the near future. Watch this space! ❤

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

photos : Stella Mesic & me


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