Style diaries.


Well, it has been a while since I’ve posted a “what I wore” type of thing. So long that I forgot how to even document my outfits, and I rarely ever do these days. But some of you know that I used to post what I wore almost every single day – and for almost 2 years!

Which, looking at it now, is ironic. Because I used to experiment with clothes, and my style was much more fussy and all over the place. It was fun, but in retrospective – kind of useless to blog, because it was more playing around than anything else. And now that I actually know exactly what I like and have a certain way of dressing, I don’t talk about it anymore. Maybe it’s because I stick to fewer things, and so the thrill of showing your friends your new, exciting outfit is gone. Or maybe it’s because most of what I love consists of basic, more classic pieces, that in most cases are almost my age, or older than I am.

Like my ex boyfriends mum’s suede skater skirt, or my dad’s basic button up, or – these shorts that I’m wearing, that have been made in the 80’s. And I mostly gravitate towards white tops, and the same old, beat up fringe purse and same pants 4 out of 7 times a week. But, some version of this uniform of mine has been a staple for at least 12 years, regardless of any experiments that might have been happening next to it. And I’ll never stop loving it.

Much like Murakami, who writes in such way that makes me weak in my knees. I rented out these books from the library today, so I can’t recommend them all yet, BUT. I did read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle  once already, and although it’s 700 pages, I promise you – it will MAKE your summer. I was talking about it to Roko the other day, and I got all tongue twisted and heart-eyed like a little girl, trying to explain to him how much you get attached to mr. Okada and his life. It’s just wonderful.

The Elephant vanishes and other stories seems very promising, too. Will get back to you on that one. And Volvo trucks is actually a sequel to an amazing book by Erlend Loe called Doppler. I’ve read it this winter – in a few hours and was obsessed with it! It talks about a man who’s kind of going through a crisis, and is angry at the world and people and life in general, so he randomly moves to a forest, and just starts living there. It’s funny and touching, and at least to me, very relatable. So pick up any of these if you’re looking for a good summer read, and you have my word you’ll love them all!

Off to the beach now, gotta use up this day off. You kids be good! :*


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